Thursday, April 2, 2015

A State Trooper Washed His Feet

 Foot Washing is an every day gift. The following was written by my husband, Rev. Burton Everist, who is chaplain at Luther Manor, here in Dubuque, Iowa:

"Today is “Maundy Thursday,” named for Jesus’ commandment that we wash one another’s feet as he himself washed his disciples’ feet.  Every year many churches practice this within worship services.  This is a good reminder, but it is even more an invitation to our daily life of serving others.
"Yesterday morning I had my feet washed by an Iowa State Trooper.  No, he did not literally wash my feet.  He changed my front tire at the side of US 80 somewhere south of Des Moines.  As soon as I had pulled off the road he pulled off in front of me and asked what the trouble was.  I showed him my very flat front tire on the driver’s side.  He asked if I had a spare and immediately offered to change the tire.  With sturdy gloves and sure hands he efficiently did the job and lifted the heavy flat into my trunk.  After I thanked him he carefully watched me pull onto the highway.
"Today, Maundy Thursday, I read the story for our morning devotionsI shared the story of the ministering Iowa State Trooper.  It helped me realize how foot washing ministry is an everyday service here at Luther Manor. 
"Some actually do wash the feet of residents, and more.  Others administer the necessary medicines, keeping careful track.  They also help residents get to their meals where still others serve the food planned and prepared for them in the kitchen.  Therapists work intently with many residents. 
Program activities are planned, supervised and led to provide enjoyment, simulation and companionship for as many as possible. 
"Almost invisible, cleaning and maintenance  staff keep the rooms, floors, and outside facilities as immaculate and as fully functioning as they can.
"Our social workers consult with residents and their families about various challenges each resident faces.  Behind the scenes staff keep track of expenditures and income.
"They are, whether they are aware of it or not, living the foot washing ministry to which Christ calls all of us.
"While I have accented the ministry of the staff here at Luther Manor it is equally true that all of you and of me as we care in our various ways for others are foot washing.  Daily foot washing.  It is Christ’s gift to us."